Guitar repair


I have resumed my practise!

Fixing problems in guitar land. Welcome to gitaargast, let me repair your guitar or effect pedal.

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I repair guitars, other stringed instruments and effect pedals. I was kind of fed up with Facebook, although it has it’s advantages. Back to an old fashioned website.

Are you on the road? Playing with your band in DBstudio (DB’s), Acu, Ekko, Tivoli or in the vicinity of Utrecht? Come and see me, I work very close by.

Vinyl geek? Go to Dig-It Records.

Common repairs

  • setup
  • fret dressing
  • fret crowning
  • soldering
  • replacing parts
  • glueing broken necks and headstocks
  • fixing wood damage
  • cleaning
  • fretboard care
  • cosmetic repair
  • lacquer repair
  • intonation
  • truss rod adjustment
  • string height
  • pickup height
  • cleaning pots & switches
  • and much more. Contact me to see what I can do for you.

And usually I film a demo of the guitar and post a video.

Buy and sell and parts

Throughout the year, I attend several trade shows in the Netherlands, collect and resell guitars and effect pedals, and I make after market parts.


If I cannot repair your instrument or effect pedal, I will tell you. I know others who might. Rescued some cool guitars. Glued some necks and headstocks back on and repaired a fair bunch of pedals. Learning to be a luthier* (fancy word for musical instrument builder). Had some training building instruments and I did some studying on my own.


A while back our beloved bossarea website died, so I went out and rescued all the content from Google cache and the Wayback machine. Added a Boss serial number checker, enjoy!

You are welcome

Make an appointment and come by to show me your guitar, instrument or effect pedal and we can work out what I can do for you. Situated 10 minutes from Utrecht Central station, open whenever. Call or mail for an appointment and we can set up a meet and greet. You are welcome!