Danelectro Effect Pedal DC Bridge

Danelectro Effect Pedal DC Bridge

I’ve come across clients that came with Danelectro original and miscellaneous effect pedals (these are the heavy die cast ones that look like 50s cadillac cars) that seem to lose power under different circumstances.

Apparently, these have a so called “flip flop” circuit, which means on loss of power, the pedal turns off. This can obviously lead to awkward stage situations!

I have studied the DC jacks, and it appears these are open on one side, facilitating the inserted plug to move and then, break contact, thus rendering the pedal powerless.

Many thanks to my friend for helping me develop the first version of the model.

The solution is a small “bridge” or “cage” which we glue over the DC jack on the circuitboard, hereby “caging” the insert jack plug, preventing it from being wiggled out. I advise epoxy or cyanoacrylate¬†to glue the part on the smaller (separate) power circuit board, see pictures.

Let’s make these Danelectro pedals great again!

Order yours here: Danelectro Effect Pedal DC Bridge

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