Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 15 – Soldering

Testing which wire goes where

I did get a wiring diagram with the pickups, but I chose to run with the chinese 3 way switch for now, since it’s already soldered up on the control plate.

Using my smokey amp, I had already connected the jack plate to the jack connector and just tested the pickups touching the wires to the tabs on the switch.

There was already a wire soldered to the pot (ground) so I figured this saved me a soldering nightmare, so I decided to solder both ground wires of the pickups to this ground wire (white /red to left pot). The solid white and yellow wires are the hot wires from the pickups to the switch.

Everything set up in place

I then recalled I bought some heat shrink tubing which is best to put on the wires before soldering, so you can finish them neatly afterwards. I chose to solder the three ground wires together, using some white pvc tape to bind them together, once soldered I put heat shrink tubing over the bare soldered wires and heated it so it’s all insulated.

The hot wires (white and yellow) of the pickups came tinned, so I just needed to bend them in little hooks so they would hang from the tab holes. Heating the tab I soldered them in place.

All soldered up with shrink tubing

So here’s the finished result: everything soldered neatly with bits of black heat shrink tubing to protect the connections.

The rest is a bit fiddly; without breaking your fresh connections, gently fork everything back into the routing in the body, so no wires will short or break or anything.

Now only the bridge remains

Everything in place! The bridge pickup is now yet to be screwed to the bridge plate, which is still to arrive. So the only thing I need to do now is mount the bridge, put strings on it and set it up and intonate it.

Stay tuned for the final chapter!

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