Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 9 – Pickguard

Pickguard installed. Note the change under the bridge; this time the super sticky green anti slip mat. Funny is, the “normal” bridge is held in place by 4 screws, this bridge is just held down by the string tension and the friction of the anti slip mat.

I have now adjusted the “lipstick” neck pickup (chrome) to about the proper height; it was sitting too low, but I added home made plastic bushing

s to add height under the pickup so it would stick out far enough. Purists might find this non-orthodox, but hey; it’s my guitar, and these bushings will not rot or decay as the rubber surgical tubing will provided by Fender. Note the cloth wires sticking out the control plate routing.

Traditionally, the neck pickup is mounted directly to the body with wood screws. You can also mount it to the pickguard which will result in two screws next to either end of it. I chose this more original and cleaner look. The effect on the sound is supposedly negligable but the purists tend towards this method.

However, I digress. I test fitted the pickguard extensively and found that this after market model didn’t quite fit first try. The cavity for the neck pickup was not to my liking, pushing the pickup towards the bridge, giving it an “angle”, while it should just sit up straight. So I used an exacto knife to scrape off small slices until it fit snugly.

The other problem area was the half circle opening where the chrome control plate (not pictured) will go (routing near the bottom in this picture) they just didn’t line up. Same here; scraped and sanded the pickguard until the control plate fit nicely.

Again I used a drill bit to drill pilot holes prior to screwing; use a bit which has the size of the screw minus it’s threads and drill slightly less deep than the screw will go, so it will “bite” correctly. Do drill though, otherwise you might wind up splitting the wood or breaking screws, both hard to repair.

Go easy and steady, because you can easily damage the finish- or the screw heads with a drill bit or screwdriver, so take your time! Make sure the sawdust is blown or pulled out of the holes and the bottom of the pickguard (and the top of the guitar) are squeeky clean!

Oh yeah, you might notice the added B-string in this picture. I put it on to help locate the position of the “string retainer” which is mounted on the headstock. I used just googled pictures to eyeball the position of it on the headstock, more pictures will follow.

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