Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 7 – Neck Mounted

Sigh of relief! Neck screwed in place.

I’m very happy that I took about two days studying the neck and the forum and technical drawings. Also don’t be afraid to just use common sense, as is with ordered parts from different vendors; there will always be small differences which you have to conquer.

Glad I chose to order high quality woods and genuine Fender hardware, I think this helps.

The action is already very low and good, no string buzz (the reason I returned the store bought telecaster) and tons of sustain! The low E-string rings for THREE MINUTES, amazing. Of course, using that old Gibson bridge as temporary part means the intonation and string length are not quite good, but this is to be expected since it’s not meant to be on this guitar.

In about 1 or 2 weeks I will be receiving the genuine ’52 style “ashtray” bridge with brass saddles.

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