Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 6 – Setting Neck

Scary!! Test fitting the neck. At first I was just eyeballing it, and it seemed crooked.

In this picture I’m using an old tune-o-matic bridge that came off of my ’69 Gibson Les Paul because I just couldn’t help myself to wait another 2 weeks with assembly. It’s sitting on a strip of packing styrofoam, later I discovered that the green antislip material worked better.

Using the low and high E-strings to string it up in order to tell if the neck was lined up straight while clamped with anti slip mat for protection.

I was confused, because when I marked the holes in the neck (the body came with holes, not visible in this picture) they did form a nice square shape on the neck butt, although not parallel to the neck, a bit askew. But studying pdf plans I found through I noticed that the neck is somewhat asymmetrical in shape, so I figured it was supposed to be like that.

Having figured that out, I turned the clamped rig up side down and drilled very shallow pilot holes using a drill bit which is about the same size as the pre drilled holes in the body. I then used a smaller drill bit (otherwise the screws won’t have enough bite) to drill the neck holes. Make sure not to drill too deep, check how deep you have to go test fitting the screws. If necessary tape your drill bit so you have a visual reference.

This was very nerve wrecking!!! Once I had this done, I screwed the F-logo neck plate on the back with the 4 screws. DEAD STRAIGHT!!

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