Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 4 – Hardware

Rest of the parts, can you spot what is double and what is missing in this picture?

This green stuff is very soft rubber antislip material. I highly recommend it for anyone building on or tinkering with instruments. I use it as work mat so the finish doesn’t get scratched and little pieces of it under clamps. Very cheap, very handy.

Another thing I recommend highly is a digital caliper in mm and

 inches. Measuring is everything!!

Pictured parts:

-3 ply pickguard (black, white, black)
-pickguard screws
-f-logo neck plate and screws
-string retainer (ball bearing type)
-jack cup (solid one not original spec one)
-wired control plate
-strap buttons with felt rings and screws
-usa 3-way switch

The switch is double, since there is one in the control plate. However, that is the cheap chinese one, which I intend to change for the proper USA one. The control plate also has the “vintage style” cloth wiring and the cheaper “alpha” pots. Thinking about changing those in time. It also has the wrong knobs; genuine Fender knobs are flatter on top, these are too round, probably going to change those too.

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