Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 13 – Knobs On

Found correct “flat” control knobs at local store.

This is a relief, because I already ordered all parts and don’t want to pay any additional shipping and or import tax charges. These are obviously not genuine Fender, but they have the correct “knurling” grip pattern and are fastened with a flat screw, which is also “factory” correct.

This might seem trivial, but the knobs on the complete control plate I bought are too round on top; proper Fender knobs are much more flat and slightly smaller than the ones that came with the control plate and screws instead of hex nuts.

Looks great, this will definitely add to the overall look of the guitar, although it’s a small detail.

What remains to be done is mounting the (yet to arrive) bridge and saddles and some soldering. In this regard I’m also planning to change the “Chinese” 3-way toggle switch to an “American” model.

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