Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 11 – Strap Buttons

Strap buttons installed. This was very straight forward; merely measuring the thickness of the body using the digital caliper (beware this thing is quite sharp and can easily damage the finish) and marking the top strap button near the neck using googled images as a reference, basically you want it 3 fingers width from the neck, about where the curve of the side becomes a bit flat. I chose to mount it slightly towards the neck so it will “grab” a strap better.

The bottom strap button is very easy, specifically because the bookmatched maple top has it’s parting in the center line of the guitar. My body is 46mm thick, so both strap buttons are mounted dead center at 23mm from either surface.

For gigging guitars I usually use the Schaller strap lock system, but they were all sold out and for the time being I’m sticking to the “factory” look.

Felt washers and screws come with the strap button kit.

Update: meanwhile I replaced them for Schaller straplock buttons in black.

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