Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 2 – The Neck

Canadian maple neck with 21 jumbo frets, tusq nut, trussrod opening on headstock, wooden trussrod skunk stripe (not pictured) and test fitted Grover tuners. It has the c-shape neck and the 10mm tuner holes.

The neck is made from Canadian maple with maple fingerboard, for that extra bit of twang. Crafted in Japan in satin finish.

I have a little surprise coming in the mail; there is a website (ca

nnot name the name) where you can order reissue Fender decals. These are the “logos” Fender puts on their guitars. I’m not intending to rip anyone off sellling it as a “real” one, but I want it to look as “real” as possible. I won’t go as far as to give it a serial number, “made in USA” decal or neck / neck pocket dates, but you get the general idea. Just wondering how many will mistake it for a real one.

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