Building a Fender Telecaster Guitar – Part 1 – Ordering parts

So I’ve been away for a while as in “not blogging”, and I’m sorry to say that my F Style mandolin build project has been put on hold for quite some time. I do intend to finish it, I hope to pick it up later this summer.

Meanwhile, I wanted a Fender Telecaster. So I went into town and bought one. A Squier Affinity series in butterscotch. Thing is; it sucked. String buzz all over the neck, even after a thorough fret dress, trussrod and saddle adjustment by a professional luthier: it just screamed crap all over. So I returned it to the store.

Kind of miffed by this experience I dove into eBay and several parts resellers on the internet. I had already purchased a set of Original Vintage ’52 pickups, planning to put them in the Affinity. No such luck, so I was more or less forced to do something with these, as I’m quite sure they will sound awesome.

So I decided I would scout the internet for the additional parts, namely the rest of the guitar. I found a reseller in the Netherlands where I live and calculated it would save me a whole lot of shipping costs and import tax to just order the parts right here.
The next item I found was a body; I wanted an Ash body because most good Telecasters are made of ash, I found one for a very decent price, a b-stock ash grey / black burst body with a flamed maple top.

So I guess if you stick around and follow my posts, I will show you which parts I chose and how I will be screwing and soldering them together to make a nice playable and affordable Telecaster for a fraction of the cost of a “real” USA one. Stick around!

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